The concept of the Republic

Our aim is to construct Virtual Cities all over the world, using the AR technology, and unite all the cities into Virtual Decentralized Blockchain Republic, named in honor ofSatoshi Nakamoto (SNR).

The Republic will be based on principles of Voicecracy. The foundation of virtual cities starts with the construction of virtual monuments to
Satoshi Nakamoto
in a real city, which will become the center of the virtual city.

The virtual city, as well as the virtual objects, will be available to any willing person for free, by using the mobile application of the Republic or augmented reality glasses.

Everyone could instal his virtual object in the city or virtualize himself. For this purpose the special mark has to be pointed in the physical world. In future, the unique objects will be identified automatically.


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The conceptof theRepublic

About virtual republic


How it will be implemented?

It all starts with the creation of virtual square, where the virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto will be installed.
Here it is possible to rent a virtual placement for banners and advertisement.The virtual square will become the starting point of virtualization of the whole city. The Founder can expand the territory while it will be completely built up. As a result, each city will be added with augmented reality.


We provide the universal software solution which will be implemented in each city of the world, as soon as it finds its founder.

The system provides the next opportunities: either to lease virtual placement for citizens of the Republic, or to buy the advertising spaces, as well as the opportunity to provide services for the creation of augmented reality objects for the citizens, who rent virtual spaces.

As a result, the marketplace of virtual goods and services will be founded, where all the citizens can exchange values.


Mobile application

With the help of the mobile application users can view the monument and other augmented reality objects.

  • arrowPurchase/sell of assets of the Republic
  • arrowVirtual real estate lease
  • arrowAdvertising spaces lease
  • arrowElectronic passport of the citizen
    of the Republic
  • arrowMarketplace of the virtual goods
    and services of the Republic

List of the cities

founders of the cities

How to become the founder of the virtual city?

To become the Founder, the candidate has to
buy the Certificate of ownership of the Key
of Virtual City and install the virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto in City he represents.
The price of the Key depends on the population of the City.

How to become the founder

Questions & Answers

  • What is the profit for Founder?

    For the contribution and care of City, the Founder gets the Key of Virtual city, with the right to manage this city and receive 75% of the City's income.

  • What are the benefits for Сustomers?

    Customers can purchase and sell land on the primary and secondary markets.

    In cities the sale of land begins after the virtual monument's installation.

    The minimal area of the land's purchase is 100m2.

    The mark of ownership is made in register of the land of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic and is fixed in blockchain.

    Also, the certificate of virtual land ownership is issued, where coordinates of your purchased area are indicated

  • What is the purchase of land for?

    After the land's purchase you have the right either to install virual objects, or lease land for installation of virtual objects to third parties, or resell the land and pass the certifiate of the land ownership to third parties.

    The owner of the land receives 10% of the rental value of the objects located on his area.

    Depending on the options, chosen for the registration of the right to land, the owner can choose the option with prior approval of such placement or without it, with automatic transfer of fee to his account.

  • Who can place objects in the City?

    Everyone who became the Citizen of the Republic has the right to place objects in the city.

    To get the citizenship it is obligatory to pass the procedure of verification (KYC) and get electronic ID passport.

  • Who governs the city?

    The Major, who is appointed by the Founder of the City governs.

    The Major could be elected by voting of citizens, if Founder announces the elections.

  • How to become the Founder of the City?

    To become the Founder, you have to buy the Certificate of ownership of the Key of Virtual City and install the virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto in your City.

    The price of the Key depends on the population of the City.

The first monument to
Satoshi Nakamoto
will be erected in Kyiv