VIRTUALIZATION OF YOURSELF in the augmented reality cities, our new case under the code name: “Business&Personal avatars”

SNR team is continuing successful development of the project and soon we will start another interesting case for virtualization of yourself in the augmented reality cities - Business&Personal avatars.

Users of the SATOSHI APP could install the personal or business avatars in any place of the city for communication through the audio channel. The connection of the chatbot is also possible.

This Target group wants to attract attention to its services or goods by placing virtual consultants in the places where potential clients meet.

SNR tend to think that one other target audience, especially tourists, who could be interested in getting informational support from the side of “bots-storytellers”, that will help with getting info concerning sightseeings and other interesting objects.

The main business opportunities of the virtualization of yourself are: the creation of a virtual avatar of yourself and placing it on one’s own land to provide informational consultations (for business, info deck, tourism and etc) and performances for the further creation of an AR social network.